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What is Collaborative Family Law? 

Collaborative Family Law is a way to resolve your divorce or family law issue with trained professionals who help families to reduce conflict while going through divorce or custody arrangements and agreements using a transparent process that removes the option of going to Court and having a Judge decide how your family will move forward.  Many attorneys are trained as Collaborative Professionals and can help families move through difficult transitions with reduced conflict and hostility, and put the needs of the family and children first.

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals has documents and resources about Collaborative Law available to the public at this link: https://www.collaborativepractice.com/resources

Why Do I Practice Collaborative Family Law?

I have seen divorce and how it impacts families and communities every day and have for over 10 years. The children suffer more than anyone realizes, and traditional divorce does nothing to protect children from the conflict.

This 5-minute video shows what divorce is like for many children.  Please take 5 minutes to watch it if you are contemplating divorce. Link:

Tears de Breuklijn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dArpuMMLQs&feature=youtu.be

I believe a Collaborative Divorce can reduce the negative impact on children and community relationships and support by reducing the conflict and hostility while the family changes to a new format and structure.  Divorce is very difficult on everyone involved, but I hope to reduce the damage to children and supportive relationships with Collaborative Family Law.

Collaborative Law vs. Traditional Litigation and Mediation

A recent article in the Utah Bar Journal by a member of our Summit County Collaborative Practice Group helps explain how Collaborative Family Law is different from litigation and mediation.  Click on the link below for the article.




Case study on Collaborative Family Law case



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Association of Collaborative Professionals in Utah:  http://www.utahacp.org/

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals:  https://www.collaborativepractice.com/


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